Our mission statement: to celebrate and promote reading and writing on campus. WUD Publications aims to offer Badgers various leadership opportunities to gain experience in publishing-related fields. We provide creative outlets for UW-Madison students through our journals, lectures with established authors, mentoring program with professionals in the journalism and publishing industries, plan an awesome literary festival and more.

Other opportunities to get involved: Emmie, our music magazine; Illumination, our literary and arts journal; Souvenirs, a collection of reflections and photography from fellow Badgers who have studied abroad; Moda, our fashion and style magazine; UW Flash Fiction, where we publish short fiction; and The Dish, an original food blog created with hungry Badgers in mind. PubCom also includes Fade In, a screenwriting writers' group.

You can view our entire collection of publications at http://issuu.com/wudpublications.

Stories from #theRealUW aims to provide a platform for students to voice their stories and experiences of oppression on the UW-Madison campus. Illumination can provide space for fiction, poetry, prose, and artwork that relates to the experiences of students who face any form of discrimination on campus. We want to encourage and safeguard the outpouring of stories that have been silenced for too long.

This is an open-call for students to continue the discussion of inequality and marginalization through art and writing.

All students are encouraged to submit their work to be featured on the website. Every story and piece we receive will have space on Stories from #theRealUW.

  • PDF, DOC, DOCX files accepted
  • Title and your email on first page
  • Number your pages
  • 1,000 words or less

In the Cover Letter form, please include the following:

  • your name, year, major, and email
  • a small, 3rd  biography (100 words or less)
  • word count

We are now operating on a rolling submission schedule. Please wait at least thirty days before inquiring about the status of your piece. We look forward to reviewing your work!

Ends on May 31, 2017
Enter NA for all short answers (except the last). Just enter your general information (name, year, major, email, phone number, etc) and all areas of expertise.
These will be used to create a complete profile of all our editors and their fields of knowledge.
Ends on May 13, 2017
Every manuscript published by JUST has been thoroughly peer-reviewed and edited by multiple teams of UW students that specialize in spelling and grammar, life science communications, and the specific field of research detailed in the manuscript.
In addition to this student-run editing process, we wish to have each manuscript read over by a UW faculty member familiar with the category of research described in the manuscript.
For this process, we are scouting faculty members that wish to be on reserve as potential readers. If you choose to become a reserve faculty editor, and if we receive a manuscript in your field, you may be called upon to read it over. Manuscripts typically range from 5 - 10 pages single-spaced and will have been edited extensively before being sent to you. You will have approximately a week to read the manuscript and send it back with any comments you deem necessary.
If you select this postition, you will be kept on reserve indefinitely until you email our contact email (contact@justjournal.org) and cancel your position.

Editorials featured in JUST are critical analyses presenting a well-researched perspective or opinion on a controversial, innovative, or less well-known topic in the field. Editorials express viewpoints through objective analyses of recent events and discoveries in the field in question. They should evoke public interest, thought, and action. These articles are addressed at and are relevant for a general audience, and are brief, about 2-3 pages in length. A select number of editorials will be chosen to be published in our Fall 2016 issue, with the option of all others being published on our digital publication or website.