Our mission statement: to celebrate and promote reading and writing on campus. WUD Publications aims to offer Badgers various leadership opportunities to gain experience in publishing-related fields. We provide creative outlets for UW-Madison students through our journals, lectures with established authors, mentoring program with professionals in the journalism and publishing industries, plan an awesome literary festival and more.

Other opportunities to get involved: Emmie, our music magazine; Illumination, our literary and arts journal; Souvenirs, a collection of reflections and photography from fellow Badgers who have studied abroad; Moda, our fashion and style magazine; UW Flash Fiction, where we publish short fiction; and The Dish, an original food blog created with hungry Badgers in mind. PubCom also includes Fade In, a screenwriting writers' group.

You can view our entire collection of publications at http://issuu.com/wudpublications.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate Publications Committee. In order for us to more fully understand why you are interested in joining the committee, please answer the questions below. Email your proposal to WUD Publications Director at publications@union.wisc.edu. You may contact the director with any questions you may have as you complete this form. After you submit this proposal, set-up a time to meet with the WUD Publications Director to discuss the status of your application. To review the expectations of Official WUD Publications, New WUD Publications Trial Groups and Groups Supported by WUD Publications, click here: http://go.wisc.edu/WUDPublicationsJournalExpectations.

Now accepting applications for Associate Director positions 

Application open until filled.

Big news, folks! WUD Publications is hiring the next round of Editors and Assistant Directors. That means you could be the next Editor-in-Chief of your favorite magazine or journal! A brief reminder—WUD Publications prints four magazines and three journals each semester. And we’ve got two writing groups, UW Flash Fiction and Fade In, a screen-writing group. On top of all that, WUD Publications plans the annual Harry Potter themed charity dance, Yule Ball. And Lit Fest. And UW Fashion Week. And Lit After Dark. So if writing, editing, and photography isn’t your deal, we’ve got plenty of programming and special events opportunities for you, too. Check it out, friends!   

Editor in Chief General Responsibilities:

The following responsibilities are general for all publications. To view specific position descriptions (PDs) of each publication, please visit: http://go.wisc.edu/publicationspds


- Build a leadership staff for business, marketing, layout, editorial, and online aspects, working with WUD Publications Committee director to facilitate staff selection process
- Chair staff meetings
- Work closely with the Special Events Coordinator to plan effective and well attended functions
- Connect campus arts and humanities leaders to maintain a relationship and attempt to co-sponsor events outside of the University
- Promote the publication to different campus groups and private groups to try to gain new resources and expand what the publication has to offer, seeking co-sponsorships
- Ensure that all staff members are executing their tasks effectively
- Create a social media strategy and calendar for successful marketing alongside the Social Media Manager
- Provide training for staff members as needed
- Actively maintain communication with the WUD Publications Committee Director and Program Advisor

Print Production:
- Oversee the production of the print journal each semester
- Maintain a positive relationship with University Marketing and the Wisconsin Union’s Marketing and Graphics Departments
- Negotiate a final agreement on the content of the journal with the staff of the publication

WUD Publications Committee Executive Board:
- Attend weekly Publications Committee Executive Board meetings
- Assist with WUD Publications Committee events throughout the year
- Actively promote WUD Publications and full committee programing

Submission Criteria
Thank you for your interest in submitting to Souvenirs! We're excited to review your piece, and we look forward to sharing more student work with the campus community. Before completing the submission, please review the following criteria to ensure that your piece meets our standards. Following these guidelines will greatly enhance the chance of your work being selected for our publication this semester. If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact the editor-in-chief at souvenirs_union@wisc.edu

General Guidelines

With each piece, please include the full title, your name, year in school, email and continent(s) pertaining to your work. We welcome students from all majors, but we encourage you to create content for a wide audience including the entire campus community. We accept photography, artwork, poetry, short stories and impressions—as long as they are related to some type of travel experience. And yes, travels from within the United States still count!

Short Stories, Poetry and Reflections
All written work should be in PDF, DOC, DOCX or TXT format. Pieces should be formatted in a way that you would like them reproduced in the journal and follow standard AP style. Essays that exceed 2,000 words may be edited for length. In your piece, please include your name and page numbers in the upper right corner of each page. If there are any additional materials that you would like to include with your piece, please include them as part of the same submission. Written work may not necessarily include these additions, but all artwork/photography should follow the same standards as an art submission if attached to your piece.


All art pieces and photography should have an image quality of 300dpi with CMYK coloring. JPG, TIFF and PNG formats are accepted, but TIFF is prefered to ensure maximum image quality. Images should be submitted at their full resolution to allow for proper sizing in the print issue. If you're submitting photographs, please include a PDF or DOC that includes where each picture was taken (City and Country). You should be able to submit 15 photographs per submission, but feel free to submit more than that.

Special Guidelines
Submissions will generally not be accepted after the posted deadline unless previously discussed with the editor. If special circumstances prevent you from submitting your piece by the deadline, a brief extension may be issued. Please contact the Editors-in-Chief Sophia Dramm and Ruth Brandt at souvenirs_union@wisc.edu if you need more information.

We look forward to reviewing your piece!


Souvenirs Staff
Ends in 6 days, 20 hours
When submitting a manuscript, doc/docx format is preferred. If your manuscript is in Latex or another format that is not easily transferred into doc/docx format, please submit your manuscript as a PDF.

For additional information about the submission process, see justjournal.org/submissions.

Email contact@justjournal.org with any questions.
When submitting a science photo, tiff format is preferred. Please submit your photo in the highest possible resolution. 

For additional information about the submission process, see justjournal.org/submissions.

Email contact@justjournal.org with any questions.
Ends in 5 days, 20 hours

Editorials featured in JUST are critical analyses presenting a well-researched perspective or opinion on a controversial, innovative, or less well-known topic in the field. Editorials express viewpoints through objective analyses of recent events and discoveries in the field in question. They should evoke public interest, thought, and action. These articles are addressed at and are relevant for a general audience, and are brief, about 2-3 pages in length. A select number of editorials will be chosen to be published in our Fall 2017 issue, with the option of all others being published on our digital publication or website. 

Email contact@justjournal.org with any questions.