We celebrate and promote reading, writing and publishing on campus. We  offer students various leadership opportunities in publishing-related fields through our 7 magazines, lectures with established authors, an awesome literary festival and more.

Other opportunities to get involved: Emmie, our music magazine; Illumination, our award-winning litmag; Souvenirs, a collection of reflections and photography from Badgers abroad; Moda, our fashion and style magazine; and The Dish, an original foodie mag created for hungry college students on a budget. In addition, PubCom hosts Sifting & Winnowing, the journal of international law & public policy; and JUST, the Undergraduate Journal of Science and Technology.

This is the place to submit your monthly budget requests for supervision by our Finance AD and ultimate approval by WUD. A few guidelines:

  • Please submit your estimated expenses for the entirety of the month. If you need to submit a request for expenses you had not considered previously, you can also do so through this form, but you must indicate that they are extemporaneous. 
  • Extemporaneous requests (those not on the monthly budget form) should be filed at least 2 weeks in advance. 
  • Please wait until your request has been marked "Accepted" to confirm event bookings or make any payments. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Finance AD, Carlo Romagnolo at finance.publications@union.wisc.edu

This is the place to upload your event and/or marketing requests! 

When planning an event, we want to know that you are thinking critically and logically about your needs and the service you intend to provide to the campus. With this in mind, we ask that your events are accompanied by clear marketing strategies. 

If you are submitting only marketing materials for review (and they don't belong to a specific event), feel free to leave the Event section blank.  

Please make sure to follow the guidelines detailed in each section. 

We’re a student publication that is building the next big thing for undergraduate work in the humanities. Help us make it possible.
Our staff is made up entirely of undergraduate students that want to do more than discuss Shakespeare’s first folio and wander through art galleries.
We are twenty students that care about writing, art and public service to the core, and want the humanities to be more than something that comes up in think-pieces on public education.
Positions are filled on a rolling basis, depending on staff vacancies and the needs of the publication. 

We would love to have you join us! Be bold - Apply today.


+ All experiences welcome! Underclassmen are especially encouraged to apply!

+ If you have any questions, please get in touch via our email (illumination.publications@union.wisc.edu)

+ Submissions are due on May 8, and on a rolling basis thereafter.

+ We will email you to get in touch about interviews and next steps.


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