Ends on March 2, 2018

Now accepting applications for Associate Director positions 

Application open until filled.

Big news, folks! WUD Publications is hiring the next round of Associate Directors. That means you could help support your favorite magazine or journal while gaining skills in finances, advertising and event planning! A brief reminder—WUD Publications prints four magazines and three journals each semester. Those publications include EMMIE (music magazine), Illumination (literary journal), JUST (The Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology), MODA (fashion and style magazine), Sifting and Winnowing (undergraduate journal for political science), Souvenirs (travel magazine), and The Dish (food magazine). The Wisconsin Union Directorate Publications Committee also offers educational support for other student-ran media organizations. On top of all that, WUD Publications plans the annual Harry Potter themed charity dance, Yule Ball. And Lit Fest. And UW Fashion Week. And Lit After Dark. So if writing, editing, and photography isn’t your deal, we’ve got plenty of programming and special events opportunities for you, too. Check it out, friends!   


- Build a leadership staff for business, marketing, layout, editorial, and online aspects, working with WUD Publications Committee director to facilitate staff selection process
- Chair staff meetings
- Work closely with the Special Events Coordinator to plan effective and well attended functions
- Connect campus arts and humanities leaders to maintain a relationship and attempt to co-sponsor events outside of the University
- Promote the publication to different campus groups and private groups to try to gain new resources and expand what the publication has to offer, seeking co-sponsorships
- Ensure that all staff members are executing their tasks effectively
- Create a social media strategy and calendar for successful marketing alongside the Social Media Manager
- Provide training for staff members as needed
- Actively maintain communication with the WUD Publications Committee Director and Program Advisor

Print Production:
- Oversee the production of the print journal each semester
- Maintain a positive relationship with University Marketing and the Wisconsin Union’s Marketing and Graphics Departments
- Negotiate a final agreement on the content of the journal with the staff of the publication

WUD Publications Committee Executive Board:
- Attend weekly Publications Committee Executive Board meetings
- Assist with WUD Publications Committee events throughout the year
- Actively promote WUD Publications and full committee programing

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