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Submission Criteria:

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Illumination! We're excited to review your piece, and look forward to sharing your work with the campus community. Before completing the submission, please review the following criteria to ensure that your piece meets our standards. If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at illumination@library.wisc.edu

A word on our submissions:

Our submissions are blind, so we are not able to see your name or contact details until after we've made a decision on your piece, and these are never a factor in choosing our pieces --we accept works entirely on merit. We ask that you write your name so that we can contact you regarding the decision we make on your piece, and so that we can give you due credit on your work at the time of publishing. However, if you would like to remain unknown, write "Anonymous" or N/A on the name field.

If you are submitting Fiction, Poetry, or Essays:

All written work should be in PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT format. Pieces should be formatted in a way that you would like them reproduced in the journal. Essays that exceed 3,000 words may be edited for length. Please include page numbers in the lower right corner of each page. If there are any additional materials that you would like to include with your piece (such as an artist statement or a background on your piece) please include them as part of the same submission, although these are not necessary

If you are submitting Visual Artwork:

All art pieces should have an image quality of 300dpi with CMYK coloring. Only upload using a TIFF format to ensure maximum image quality. Images should be submitted at their full resolution to allow for proper sizing in the print issue. If your piece does not follow these guidelines you may be asked to re-submit, or your piece might get rejected altogether, depending on time constraints.

Please include the media used to create the piece and its dimensions. Artists with work selected for the print journal are invited to hang their piece in the Open Book Cafe at College Library (or an alternative location) as part of the Illumination gallery. This gallery typically runs for the later part of the semester and artists are celebrated at our opening reception. All artists are encouraged to submit their pieces, and all works are returned to their authors at the end of the exhibition.

Keep in Mind:

Submissions will not be accepted after the posted deadline unless previously discussed with the Editor-in-Chief. If special circumstances prevent you from submitting your piece by the deadline, a brief extension may be issued. Contact illumination@library.wisc.edu if you need more information.

Best wishes, and good luck!

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